2022 Beltane Ritual - outline of what we did

2022 Beltane Ritual - outline of what we did

1.) Cleansing- Do a sweeping of the area with feathers and flowers 2.) Casting of the Circle- Adrienne casts circle

3.) Participants Enter- Smudge and aspersion of each person

4.) Calling of the Elements- Explain that since this is the time of the year that the Fae are the most active we will be using them as representatives of the elements at this Rite. Go over the history of the Fae briefly and how to avoid offending them. North- In the North we call on the Gnomes! Guardians of the Earth and all its wealth, please grant us the prosperity and good fortune we seek in the coming year! Hail and welcome! East- In the East we call to the Sylphs the fae of the Air! Fill our lungs with pure air and whisper in our ears the creativity and inspiration to overcome obstacles in our way! Hail and welcome! South- In the South we call the Will O' the Whisps with their lanterns of fire! Light the path we need to be on as we gather together for this Rite on this May Day! Hail and Welcome! West- In the West we call to the Nymphs! Fae of the water give us the freedom to adapt to any situation that may arise in the coming year as water flows through a stream! Hail and welcome!

5.) Evocation of the God and Goddess- God: I call and invite the God of this season in all his forms to attend us! Pan! Cernunnous! Freyr! Come to us and be honored! Welcome Lord! (Turn on electric candle and raise have Scott raise Athame) Goddess: I call and invite the Goddess of this season in all her forms to attend us! Demeter! Freyja! Brigid! Come to us and be honored! Welcome Lady! (Turn on electric candle and have Adrienne raise Chalice) Both Adrienne and Scott say  "May the two be joined as one in celebration of the season!"

6.) The Working- Give brief overview of the 9 sacred woods and the bonfire rituals as it pertains to the lovers and blessings of the new year. The Mediation of the 9 Sacred Trees: Alder- Shielding, Clearing, and Protection: What in my life do I need to clear away and protect myself from? Ash- Abundance and Prosperity: How can I work to set a better future for myself? Birch- Renewal and Change: What in my life has a deep need to change? Hawthorn- Happiness: What makes me truly happy and how can I manifest it more in my own life? Hazel- Wisdom: What lessons have I learned in the past that I can use in the future? Holly- Healing: Is there anything in my past that I have not healed from? How can I do that? Oak- Success and Confidence: What am I confident about? How does that relate to how well I live my life? Rowen- Power: How can I use my personal power to help not only myself but others? Willow- Intuition: What do I sense about the coming year and what can I do to prepare?

7.) Blessing of the Bread and Juice- Go around the circle and offer each bread and juice.

8.) Closing- Review the reason for the season and to carry the lessons of the working and try to implement them as best they can.

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