2023 Yule and NYE

2023 Yule and NYE


We celebrated Yule as our circle on 23 December, 2023.  We had the ritual at the park in the Mingo shelter and it was a lovely space.  

Many of you were ill, and unable to attend in person.  While we missed all of you, we appreciate you staying home and not sharing the illness with others.  We had a small in person turnout but we did have a lot of you watching online.  Thank you for being there.  

I had a difficult time writing this year's ritual.  The words would not come to me.  The whole season has been like that this year.  I feel present but distant and not able to connect with the spirit as well this year.  Finally I gave the house and myself a good cleansing and I was able to get into words what I wanted to share with you all.  I hope you enjoyed it and were able to take away pieces to help your movement into 2024.  

NYE is today and I am reflecting on all of 2023 as I write this.  2023 has not been an easy year for myself and my family.  We have had some really good times this year, but we have battled major hurdles and losses all year.  I am looking forward to moving into 2024 and seeing what wonderful things are in store for all of us!  

Be sure to open your doors this NYE at midnight to let all of 2023 leave and make room for 2024 to arrive.  My family and I usually sweep the old year out the door to welcome the new one in! 

Our next ritual is Imbolc on 3 February, 2024.  It will be an online ritual.  

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