Mabon 2023

Mabon 2023

Mabon Ritual 2023

Our Mabon Ritual was in Kent on Saturday September 23 at 6 pm.  Everyone else was arriving around then, the clergy, arrived at 5.  We cleansed the space and set up our altar, and the area for food for the feast to follow.  We talked about the practical things before a ritual, and we had some laughs.  People started arriving around 5:30 and we got to catch up and get an update on how people are doing.  As the lead clergy of our circle, these times are so important for me, I want to talk with my people and see how they are, what is happening in their lives, and how I can help if possible.  Does someone need a place to stay?  How is the food situation?  Are they going through a significant change in their lives?  This is what I listen for as we talk, I make mental notes and then we as clergy talk after the ritual so we can see what needs need to be met. 

Then it was time for the ritual to start.  Michael led this ritual, and it was lovely.  He discussed the Equinox and the Second Harvest.  The power of the symbolism of apples! We spoke our blessings in the past year, and we raised some energy with a harvest dance and chant.  Cakes and ale were shared.  After we ended the ritual, we had some announcements.  I was so sad to give the news that Varrick, had passed away the week before.  His spirit will be with us always, but his presence will be missed by many.  We announced the next ritual, it will be October 29, 2023, at the Roy Smith Shelter house in Kent and it will have people gathering starting at 6pm.  I love it when we gather for rituals, and I am glad that we can now live stream for the people who are unable to attend in person. 

Thank you to everyone who took the time to read this, and I look forward to seeing you all soon! 

Blessings, Patti

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